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CALL-OUT: Save the Services that Save Us! Posters, key materials and resources

Posted: October 10, 2019

(October 10, 2019) — Want to save our public health services? Want to save our Public Health Units, ambulance services, local hospitals and long-term care homes? Scroll down to access key information about the upcoming stadium events across Ontario and get printable posters, briefing notes and other resources.

The Doug Ford government is planning to:

  • Cut Public Health funding & close 25 out of 35 local Public Health Units, reducing them to 10.
  • Close 49 out of 59 local ambulance services, reducing them to 10 & close 12 of 22 local dispatch centres.
  • Make real dollar cuts to public hospital funding, even though we have the fewest hospital beds left per person of any province in Canada and a crisis of hospital overcrowding. More cuts mean more services & staff cuts, less services, longer waits, more privatization & higher death rates.
  • Make real dollar cuts to long-term care homes, forcing municipalities to either raise taxes or cut services for elderly & chronic care residents.

We are planning to fill four stadiums (or similar venues) across Ontario with thousands of local residents at each event to call on the provincial government to save these vital local health care services that save us.

Click on the links below for materials and resources:

General Poster

Toronto Poster Details

Chatham Poster Details

Ottawa Poster Details

Sault Ste Marie Poster Details

Municipal Council Resolution 

Briefing Note

Bus Registration Form


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