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Backlash after Ontario scales back COVID-19 vaccinations over Christmas holidays

Posted: December 30, 2020

(December 29, 2020)

By: Bill Kelly and Dr. Amit Arya

Dr. Amit Arya is a palliative care physician who works in long-term care facilities and is an Ontario Health Coalition board member

Only five of a possible 17 vaccination clinics across Ontario were in operation over the Christmas holidays as staffing challenges forced the province to scale back operations.

Ministry of Health officials say just over 11,200 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been administered since Dec. 15 but less than 500 of those were given out since Christmas Eve.

By comparison, Quebec has already administered 17,316 vaccines since Dec. 14, with more than 6,000 alone given since Dec. 24.

The conversation on Twitter all day Monday was about the Ontario Government shutting down vaccinations for holidays in spite of rising cases and deaths because hospitals officials asked for a break. Many physicians have come out and said they were willing and able to work through the holidays to administer them.

Then late Monday evening, Gen. Rick Hillier admitted they should not have stopped vaccination over the holidays.

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