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Donations & Memberships

Monthly & 1-Time Donations

Monthly donations are extremely helpful for the health coalition because they are stable reliable income. They make a huge difference for us if you can donate monthly even 5, 10 or 20 dollars please know that it is greatly appreciated and helps enormously.

Click here to donate monthly or to make a one time donation


Election Advertising

Donations are welcome to help us fund lawn signs, window signs, car decals, billboards & other advertising initiatives to fight back against health care privatization and fight for improvements to our public, non-profit health care system during the provincial election.

Click here to donate to our campaign to fight against health care privatization

Please note: We must report anyone donating more than $100 cumulatively with our Third Party Political Advertising Final Report, and your name and amount will be published by Elections Ontario on their website, as per the Ontario Election Finances Act.


Legal fund

Click here to donate to the legal fund



Please fill in the form below to make a donation and/or purchase an annual membership.

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Annual Membership Fees  

Individual Member: $20


Under 100 members: $25

Over 100 members, membership rates set at $0.20 per member, e.g.:

500 members = $100

5000 members = $1000


Population under 49,999: $100

Population 50,000 – 99,999: $200

Population over 100,000: $300

Using this list, please calculate the appropriate amount for your membership and then click the appropriate option or insert the appropriate amount into the “donation amount” section of the form below.

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Minimum donation amount is $20.

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