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Big Bear Coming To Windsor

Posted: June 15, 2017

(June 6, 2017)

By: Robert Tuomi

(WINDSOR, ON) – Almost on the heels of the 210 ton HMCS Goose Bay, the next big visitor to Windsor will apparently be a so-called giant of a bear. This is no ordinary bear.

Much larger than the one at Costco near the exit door, this will be a so-called giant 7′ tall bear who is touring Ontario to warn citizens about the threat of health care privatization. The theme of the tour isWe Can’t Bear to Lose Medicare.

The large, but obvious fake, Ursidae will appear at 10:30am on Friday outside of City Hall. It is all part of a campaign by the Ontario Health Coalition to raise awareness about the perceived threat of health care privatization. The visit will include leafletting and public discussion by coalition representatives.

According to OHC, the visit of the bear is a serious warning of the threat of health care privatization.

“Private for-profit clinics,” it says in a statement to the media, “are pushing to privatize services from our local public hospitals. Patients, often elderly, are shocked to find out that private clinics are charging user fees amounting to hundreds or even thousands of dollars for medically-needed care such as cataract surgeries.”

Natalie Mehra, the coalition’s executive director, says the public health care system in Canada is, “… under threat by private profit-seeking clinics that want to be able to bill OHIP for tests and surgeries and bill patients hundreds or even thousands of dollars as well.”

User fees for medically-needed hospital and physician care are unlawful under the Canada Health Act. We are drawing attention to this, explaining to patients their rights, and pushing back against the takeover of non-profit and public hospitals by private for-profit corporations.

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