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Can’t Bear To Lose Medicare

Posted: June 15, 2017

(June 10, 2017)

By: Melanie Irwin

“Tommy” the 7 ft Teddy Bear visited Point Edward Saturday with the Ontario Health Coalition’s tour against the threat of healthcare privatization.

Sarnia-Lambton Health Coalition Chair Shirley Roebuck says Tommy brings with him the message “We Can’t Bear To Lose Medicare.”

“Maybe we in Sarnia and Lambton have seen a little bit of that at doctors offices, but certainly it’s much more rampant in cities,” says Roebuck. “We believe it’s a violation of Canada’s Health Act which guarantees access to healthcare services for everyone.”

She says privatization results in a two tier health care system.

“If everyone’s waiting in line for a hip surgery, but they can pay extra and have a hip surgery at a private clinic, then that doesn’t seem fair to the rest of the people who perhaps can not afford to pay extra.”

She says patients, healthcare providers and concerned residents are invited to come see the bear and discuss the issues at Waterfront Park at 1pm.

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