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EVENT: Annual Locally-Grown Garlic Sale 2024

Posted: June 19, 2024

(June 19, 2024)

The Ontario Health Coalition works to improve our provincial public health care system. We are committed to saving local health care services, stopping cuts and privatization and keeping our community hospitals vibrant.

Every year we sell Ontario-grown organic and heirloom varieties of garlic to raise funds. It’s garlic season and our Annual Garlic Fundraiser is kicking off. We have managed to keep our prices at $16 per bag, which is a pound of garlic, again this year. The bags are organza, tied with ribbon and a little booklet describing the garlic varieties, the farmers, where the funds go, and with a bonus recipe. What we are asking people to do is to go around your workplace or community group and collect orders and the money to pay for them and send them in.

By ordering garlic with us, you are supporting this vital work. You are also supporting local organic and heirloom farmers by purchasing fresh, Ontario-grown garlic.

To place an order:

Ontario Health Coalition
15 Gervais Drive, Suite 201
Toronto, ON M3C 1Y8

  • Deadline: Please send your orders as soon as possible. Orders will only be made if the garlic is paid for.

NOTE: For community members across the province, we will arrange delivery to our existing local coalitions and will ask people to pick up their garlic or make arrangements with your local coalition.

HOW TO ORDER: Print multiple sheets of the 2nd page of the order form (click here for the order form) and walk through your office/organization. Ask people to fill in their orders and send them in to us as soon as possible! Garlic orders will be shipped and delivered in early September.

There are two options for ordering our garlic. The white “Music” garlic is organic, while the gourmet variety is a mix of various kinds of heirloom garlic. You can order a mixed variety bag (#1), or a bag of “Music” Garlic (#2).

Heirloom & Organic Mix Garlic Bag
Mix of a variety of heirloom and organic garlic in a bag with approximately 8 heads of different sizes and types. Approx. 1 lb of garlic.

Large White “Music” Variety Garlic Bag
Bag of large organic white “Music” garlic bulbs (the largest garlic bulbs). Approx. 1 lb of garlic.

If you are able to help, we send our sincere gratitude and our commitment to you to do all we can to protect our most cherished social program in the face of a real and present threat. We could not do it without you.