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Ford government moving to privatize health care, reader says

Posted: June 12, 2020

(June 11, 2020)

By: Lindsay Advocate

I am beyond disgusted at the Ford government. Premier Doug Ford is moving ahead with Bill 175, which seeks to privatize home health care — even as he cries crocodile tears over the horrible conditions at long-term care homes.

As citizens of this country, we have worked, paid taxes (through which politicians get paid) and contributed to the economy by buying foods, electronics and all of the  commercial products from corporations that maintain their success — and profits — from our money.

Once we are deemed no longer a contributor to their profits, we are warehoused in the most appalling conditions until we die off — at a profit of course — while they turn their gaze on the younger-buying demographic.

This is what corporations have done in their appalling greed – no longer content to just be a company humming along with reasonable profits, CEOs  insist we be squeezed to the limits of our wallets, and then discarded.

In the meantime, the PSWs who work at a basic wage with no pensions are ordered to skimp on supplies and time for their patients. One PSW I spoke with says she has an average of six minutes per patient.

We live in a society where the social contract is broken. We are useful only as long as we can pay, and the corporate glitterati will kick us to the curb as soon as they deem us no longer profitable.

They are helped by politicians like Ford, whose only concern seems to be deregulating the marketplace for corporations with legislation that makes sure we have no voice in our own future care — even though we contribute towards the cost of that care as citizens.

This is what will happen if Bill 175 passes — for-profits will be guided by the same principles that they use to run long-term care homes. The sick and elderly will bear the brunt of their greed.


Fight against Bill 175 if you care at all for your family and your own future.

Haven’t enough people died in the name of profit?

Christine Wilson, Bobcaygeon

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