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Health care advocates gearing up for spring election in Ontario

Posted: February 27, 2022

(February 25, 2022)

By: Daryl Newcombe, CTV News London

A local political push is beginning to make healthcare a top election issue.

As the pandemic once again begins to subside, local healthcare advocates want to ensure the crisis it caused in front line medicine remains front and centre during the upcoming provincial election.

The London Health Coalition (LHC) expressing fear about further privatization and cuts to public healthcare during a news conference.

“This is a disaster for our already beleaguered public healthcare system,” said LHC’s Peter Bergmanis.

OPSEU’s Sara Labelle expressing similar concern about the province sliding towards greater privatization.

“We deliver services in hospitals based on your need, not on the size of your wallet,” she added.

The London Health Coalition announced the launched what it’s dubbed a “fight back campaign” this spring coinciding with the provincial election.

“It really is important for this to be an issue across the province. We really need to fight to protect our public healthcare,” Labelle explained.

Meanwhile, the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (RNAO) held a separate news conference to unveil its 5-point election platform for all provincial parties to consider.

It includes a goal to increase the number of nurses in Ontario by 50 percent over the next 8 years, through retention and recruiting.

Dr. Doris Grinspun telling reporters, “We need to urgently turn the tide around before it reaches a point of no return.”

The London Health Coalition will host an online emergency summit of concerned citizens and stakeholders on April 6

Ontarians go to the polls June 2.

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