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Health coalition raises alarm about increased privatization

Posted: February 25, 2022

(February 23, 2022)

By: Maureen Revait, BlackburnNews

CKHA official renewal of its urology services. April 7, 2021. (Photo courtesy of the CKHA).

The Windsor Health Coalition is asking local residents to join its campaign against the privatization of health care.

This renewed call comes after Health Minister Christine Elliott made reference to allowing independent health care facilities to operate to increase capacity for residents waiting for surgeries. Elliott made the following comment on February 1 while speaking about the resumption of surgeries and other procedures at provincial hospitals.

“We have capacity, that’s why we’re doing things like releasing directive 2 somewhat to allow for some of those procedures that people have been waiting for for some time to continue. We’re opening up pediatric surgeries, cancer screenings, making sure that we can let independent health facilities operate, private hospitals, all of those things are possible because we do have the capacity [in hospitals],” said Elliott.

OPSEU Hospital Professionals Chair Sara Labelle said these private clinics pull resources from the already stretched public hospitals.

“The solution to opening up surgeries is to put more resources into our public health care system, into our public hospitals, open up more beds, fund them and hire more health professionals,” said Labelle.

The Windsor Health Coalition is holding a virtual public meeting on March 30 at 7 p.m. to discuss the risks of privatization on the overall healthcare system.

“It’s very critical that we all stand on guard and protect our public health care here in the province of Ontario,” said Windsor Health Coalition Chair Tracey Ramsey.

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