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Health Funding Referendum Launched

Posted: April 25, 2016

(April 25, 2016)

By: Stephanie Chaves,

The Sarnia-Lambton Health Coalition and others across Ontario have launched a volunteer-based referendum.

Local chair Shirley Roebuck says residents have until the end of next month to make their opinions known.

The question on the ballot is, do you feel that hospital cuts should be stopped and proper funding restored?

“We hope to get hundreds of thousands of people out to vote,” says Roebuck.

“The votes will be tallied and taken to Queen’s Park so Ms. Wynne and her Liberal government can know all of these people do not want anymore hospital cuts, and in fact they want funding restored.”

Roebuck says ballot boxes will be distributed across Sarnia-Lambton until the end of next month and a public vote is planned at a yet undetermined location May 28th.

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