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Hour 1 of Ottawa Now for Thurs. September 15th, 2022

Posted: September 16, 2022

(September 15, 2022)

By: Ottawa Now with Kristy Cameron

Hundreds of thousands of people are patiently waiting to pay their final respects to Queen Elizabeth. As she lies in state over the next 4 days, some have waited several days for this moment, with the lineup stretching 8 kilometres long as of Thursday morning. That adds up to a nine-hour wait. We deliver the latest from London, England.

Later in Hour 1, we break down significant news from the Doug Ford government that hits home for every Ontarian. It sounds likely that a growing number of today’s seniors will be staying in a hospital bed, as opposed to a long-term care facility. The daily price tag: $400. If you add that up over a full 365 days, it’s a whopping $146,000 price tag.

Link to radio interview (Natalie’s segment begins at 18:40)