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Hour 1 of Ottawa Now for Wed. September 21st, 2022

Posted: September 22, 2022

(September 21, 2022)

By: Ottawa Now with Kristy Cameron

Just before lunchtime, a child attending Stepping Up Daycare experienced an anaphylactic allergic reaction. The daycare’s director called 911, paramedics arrived, and the child was fine after a shot of Benadryl. However, more children experienced that same reaction. CTV’s Colton Praill describes the scene in Hour 1.

Meantime, Canadian Blood Services plans to partner with a private company to boost our country’s national plasma supply. This divisive issue has increased calls for the CEO to step aside. Does it put Canada’s blood at risk? Kristy Cameron searches for the answers.

Link to radio interview (Natalie’s segment begins at 17:22)