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Long-term care and privatization of senior homes an overriding concern

Posted: February 23, 2022

(February 22, 2022)

By: Rosalind Russell, MyEspanolaNow

The Sudbury Health Coalition will be part of a province wide campaign to fight health care privatization and for urgently needed improvements in care under the public, non-profit health care system. Photo

A Blind River man who has decades of experience in the medical sector says the privatization of health care should raise alarm bells with the public.

Albert Dupuis says he was dismayed to learn at the Ontario Health Coalition meeting last Friday that the government is making a concerted effort to push further the privatization of health care, including long-term care facilities.

Dupuis says he retired to Blind River to take care of senior members of his family and their care should be front and centre, not a matter of how much money can be made.

He says the coalition and its support organizations, including the Algoma and the Sudbury health coalitions, are planning a series of meetings to fight the move with a virtual summit planned for March 23rd, which the public can take part in.

To view Friday’s Zoom presentation, go to:

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