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Major Staff Shortages At Long Term Care Homes

Posted: July 25, 2020

(July 24, 2020)

By: Mike Ebbeling, CKDR

Major Staff Shortages At Long Term Care Homes

The Ontario Health Coalition is sounding alarms over the state of our long term care homes.

A Coalition survey shows 95% of staff report that their long-term care facility is short staffed.

It also shows 63% of staff report staffing levels are worse than before the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

Executive Director Natalie Mehra says they’ve heard horror stories from employees.

“Most of the homes. More than 100 of the staff reported that baths can’t be done. Residents regularly are going without bathing and proper washing.”

Mehra adds “Staff haven’t had time to explain COVID-19 to residents who are confused. They don’t have time to visit with them. This really struck an emotional cord with staff who report that residents are lonely and yet staff have not had time to provide emotional care.”

Mehra stresses the Ford government must immediately increase staffing levels at the homes.

“We are expecting a second wave. The long term care homes in Ontario are not ready. They’ve already lost lots of staff because of illness, because they are afraid, and they do not have enough staff to get through a second wave.”

(With files from Sheri Leviski-Kotyk: Thunder Bay)

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