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More is needed at Sydenham campus, Wallaceburg Courier Press, April 26, 2018

Posted: April 26, 2018

More is needed at Sydenham campus

Wallaceburg Courier Press
Thu Apr 26 2018
Section: News
Byline: Shirley Roebuck,
Source: Wallaceburg Courier Press

I read with interest the article in last week’s Courier Press, titled “First step towards renewing Wallaceburg’s Sydenham Campus.”

The article explained the long history of our hospital’s infrastructure and resistance to maintaining the building.

The new CKHA philosophy, explained by the new CEO of CKHA, Lori Marshall was like music to our community’s ears, after so many sour notes of disagreement and disrespect.

I took notice that the two MPPs for our area were present, as well as the CEO of the local LHIN. It is prudent, I believe, to point out that we are unsure what will happen in June’s provincial election. However, whomever is elected to represent us must keep pushing for funding for services to be reinstated and also for funding for new services to find homes at Sydenham campus.

Without such funding (for stable and vibrant health services), a hospital cannot be considered stable. Perhaps a new government might again try to close our hospital.

Examples of needed services in our community are hemodialysis, palliative care, mental health services for youth and the list goes on.

To our community, I ask that you question all candidates running for office about health care and what their party will do to ensure no small hospitals are placed on the chopping block, again. To the leaders of CKHA, I ask that you fight to ensure that more health services come to Sydenham, and that services at Chatham are well protected. Ms. Marshall said it best: “Health care close to home is a good thing.”

Shirley Roebuck, Retired Registered Nurse and chair, Wallaceburg-Walpole Island First NationĀ Health Coalition