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Municipalities pushing back over Ontario health care cuts

Posted: October 23, 2019

(October 23, 2019)

By: Bryan Bicknell, CTV News London

LONDON, Ont. — A movement among local jurisdictions opposing provincial government cuts to health care that began in southwestern Ontario appears be growing.

It stems from the Doug Ford government’s move to reduce the number of health units in Ontario from 35 to 10 in a bid to tackle the provincial deficit.

There’s also concern over plans to close ambulance services and dispatch centres.

Lambton County council has passed a resolution calling for local health services to remain intact.

It has been sent to every municipality in Ontario with the hope that it will be widely endorsed, and will pressure the government to reverse its decision.

“The opposition is very simple,” explains Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley. “This is a basic service, very community based in our communities across this region. It would regionalize and take away local control and the effective way that health units respond to crises in our community.”

He adds that local health care personnel are on the ground and able to respond quickly when necessary.

Health care rallies opposing health cuts are being planned across the province next month, including one in Chatham, Ont. on Nov. 2.

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