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Ontario Health Coalition forms province-wide referendum campaign against Bill 60

Posted: May 30, 2023

(May 29, 2023)

By: 94.1 myFM News staff

The Ontario Health Coalition is forming a province-wide referendum campaign to speak out against Bill 60, which they call “the most undemocratic attack on our public healthcare in memory.”

In part, Bill 60 expands the scope of services private clinics can offer and it passed on May 8th.

OHC Executive Director Natalie Mehra says the bill makes no sense.

Mehra says the only benefactors from the bill are the lobbyists and private clinics themselves.

The Ministry of Health said prior to the bill passing, citizens will be able to access medical services with their OHIP card and not have to pay out of pocket.

The OHC say they’ve vowed to “build the biggest fightback in its history to save our local public hospitals’ services.”

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