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Ontario Health Coalition survey report reveals grim staffing outlook at long-term care homes

Posted: July 23, 2020

(July 22, 2020) 

By: Brock Ormond, 

Results released Wednesday from an Ontario Health Coalition survey are revealing a dark picture surrounding staffing and care levels at long-term care facilities.
The Coalition stated the survey was conducted over the week of July 10 to 17 in every Ontario region and revealed that 95 percent of staff say their homes are short-staffed.
53-percent of respondents reported that there are daily shortages and 63-percent say staffing levels are worse than before COVID-19.
In addition, survey results noted that more than 100 staff polled reported that regular cleaning periods such as baths and showers are being missed, emotional support for residents is non-existent, and feeding and hydrating periods for residents are rushed through
Staff have also been denied holiday periods under emergency orders since the start of the pandemic, leading to some having to leave due to fear, injuries, exhaustion, lack of childcare, and more.

The full survey report can be read at this link.

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