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Ontario Health Coalition To Join In On Province-Wide Day Of Action

Posted: October 7, 2020

(October 6, 2020)

By: Heart FM

The OHC will be going to multiple communities in Oxford County on Thursday, including Woodstock, to private long-term care homes. It is to draw attention to the fact that private long-term care homes do not do a good enough job taking care of seniors.

OXFORD COUNTY – The Ontario Health Coalition is having a Day of Action on Thursday for long term care.

Chair of the Oxford Health Coalition Bryan Smith says this is basically a show of support.

“We are very aware that there are distinct differences in longevity of people in long term care residences if they are privately run, if they are run by a non profit or if they are run by a municipality and the last of those, is definitely the best.”

Smith says they will be driving into multiple communities in Woodstock, Ingersoll, Tavistock and Tillsonburg at private long term care facilities.

“We will be present outside on the street in our vehicles at the private long care term facilities so that the residents will know that we emphasize with them, so the people who work there will know that we aware of the conditions on which they work and the stress under which they work. So that people will be able to say ‘alright so that is not the same as the other, that is not the extension of a community group or a non profit or a church or a charity that is actually making profit and not providing adequate care.'”

Current Public Health guidelines forbid groups of more than 25 outside across Ontario. In accordance with these rules, the health coalitions across the Province will hold press conferences and car motorcades.

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