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Ontario Health Coalition to rally against heathcare cuts, Sarnia News, October 14, 2018

Posted: October 14, 2018

Ontario Health Coalition to rally against heathcare cuts

The Ontario Health Coalition fears the Ford government intends to make revenue cuts that could prove disastrous to the healthcare system.

Local President Shirley Roebuck said the system is already in crisis.

“Ontario has fewer hospital beds than almost all other developed countries,” said Roebuck. “The only two countries we beat in the number of healthcare beds per thousand population is Chile and Mexico. We have fewer hospital beds than any other province in Canada, we are at the bottom.”

Roebuck said they’re worried about privatization, mega-mergers, and downsizing of services.

“I think the answer to this is to make sure that the majority Conservative government is aware that the people do not want their public healthcare system to be touched, or privatized, or downsized or merged any more.”

The coalition said a 5.5 per cent yearly funding increase is needed for the next four years to protect current service levels.

A rally opposing any cuts or privatization is planned at Queen’s Park October 23 with Sarnia-Lambton residents to be bused down for the event at 12 p.m.