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Ontario needs a ‘new normal’ in post-pandemic long-term care

Posted: May 6, 2020

(May 5, 2020)

By: Malcolm Buchanan, The Hamilton Spectator

We need a new “normal.” Long-term care, nursing home care, community care facilities and home care should become an integral part of the Ontario health-care system. We need to rethink the long-term care structure and regime from top to bottom that must include:

  • significantly more federal and provincial government funding
  • ensure that all long-term care staff are trained and qualified
  • ensure that all long-term front-line staff are unionized and are well paid, including benefits commensurate with their respective responsibilities
  • ensure that there are frequent inspections with no prior warnings
  • improve infection control practices; and ensure that there are up-to-date PPE gear for all employees and staff.

We need government to make meaningful public investments in long-term care facilities and to reverse the pattern of private long-term home care facilities. No more private for-profit long-term care facilities. They must become an outdated and failed relic of the past.

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