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Outrage Over Elderly Patient Bill Continues

Posted: September 17, 2022

(September 16, 2022)

By: Mike Ebbeling, CKDR 92.7 Dryden

The opposition continues to attack the provincial government on a controversial bill that allows hospitals to move patients no longer needing alternative level of care to long- term care facilities without consent.

Details have emerged that patients in the north could be moved 150 kilometres away or pay $400 a day to stay in hospital.

The Ontario Health Coalition says if no beds are available within 150 km, they will be allowed to move patients further away that that.

Green Party leader Mike Schreiner says elders should not be forced to pay the price of the government’s lack of investment in healthcare.

Liberal health critic Dr. Amil Shamji calls it a sad day for patients.

NDP Health Care critic France Gelinas and Long-Term Care critic Wayne Gates released a joint statement saying, “Removing frail elderly people from their loved ones and essential caregivers is horrifying, and will cause seniors’ health and well-being to go downhill fast. Imagine having to drive two hours to kiss your wife goodnight. Imagine the guilt of knowing you can’t afford to pay $400 a day to keep your dad in hospital, and having to put him in a for-profit long-term care home.”

They add forcing patients to move won’t ease the current health care staffing crisis.

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