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Pack the Public Galleries at the Ontario Legislature

Posted: May 19, 2021

(May 18, 2021)

By: 104.7 Heart FM

The Ontario Health Coalition hosted a virtual event today to “Pack the Public Galleries” with people outraged over the Provinces LTC Response.

ONTARIO – The Ontario Health Coalition invited everyone this morning to join a Zoom call entitled Pack the Public Galleries of the Ontario Legislature.

The goal was to show the Ontario Government just how many people are outraged by the LTC response during the COVID-19 pandemic. Over 1,000 watched the conference on Facebook Live with 570 people registering through the zoom link.

Opposition MPP’s from the Liberal and NDP parties read statements and questions into the record of the Legislature. The statements came from members of the public who had lost a parent or a loved one at a LTC facility. The questions were directed at the Premier and the Minister of Long Term Care Dr. Merilee Fullerton. Neither of them were present in the Legislature while this was going on. Deputy Premier and Health Minister Christine Elliott was and did answer a question.

Some of the stories shared at the legislature today included LTC patients who died from dehydration or starvation and bed sores. They talked about the understaffing at LTC homes and how no one is taking responsibility for many preventable deaths.

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