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Peterborough Health Coalition protests cuts to hospital funding

Posted: April 25, 2016

(April 25, 2016)

By: Lance Anderson, Peterborough This Week

Event begins campaign held until a ‘referendum’ on May 28

PETERBOROUGH — Volunteers hit the sidewalk at the Peterborough Regional Health Centre on Monday to protest cuts to hospital budgets.

Members of the Peterborough Health Coalition, led by Roy Brady, says the cuts being seen across the province makes it next to impossible to keep up with inflation.

Monday’s protest event marked the launch of the Ontario Health Coalition’s campaign to shed light on the funding cuts Ontario has been facing for a number of years, says Brady.

“Zero per cent increases up until this year and this year we only get 1.5 per cent; well below the rate of inflation,” adds Brady. “Peterborough may have a surplus, but at the same time our emergency department is incredibly over crowded, way beyond capacity and this can’t go on. We know that new technology is coming into the hospital. We know that the senior population is increasing and there will be pressures on funding at out hospital eventually.”

The campaign will lead to a referendum being held in many communities across Ontario including Peterborough Saturday, May 28.

Brady says on that day, voting centres will be set up for people to express their concerns over the funding cuts.

Brady adds the referendum results will be taken to Queen’s Park.

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