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Province Working To Shorten Surgical Wait Times

Posted: January 16, 2023

(January 16, 2023)

By: Kenora Online

The provincial government says it is working to reduce surgical wait times.

Right now it’s estimated that 206,000 people are waiting for routine surgeries.

Minister of Health Sylvia Jones says they will be using private clinics to provide some of the procedures.

“It really wants to reinforce that this really is about quality of life and quality of life for patients waiting too long for routine surgeries,” Jones said a press conference Monday morning.

Premier Doug F0rd adds the province will be investing $300 million to address the surgical backlog.

“All I care about…all Minister Jones cares about…all the government cares about is that you get the care you need quickly and safely.  More surgeries…shorter wait times…all paid by OHIP.”

Another $18 million has also been promised to perform more MRIs, CAT Scans, cataract surgeries and other routine surgical procedures.

Already the Ontario Health Coalition is calling the Ford government’s plan to privatize Ontario’s public hospital surgeries a “fatal threat” and a “terrible blow” to our public hospitals.

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