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Questioning son’s care

Posted: April 26, 2016

(April 26, 2016)


A Hamilton mother is grieving the death of her son who died at a Hamilton hospital last week. Kyle Thibodeau lived with a debilitating disease and his family says he should have never been released from the hospital. The 28 year old lived with granulomatous an illness that weakens the immune system. He had been seeing doctors for the disease his whole life. On March 24 he was admitted to St. Joseph’s hospital in Hamilton with cold like systems. His mother says he was sent home too soon.

“To me it’s like they needed the room they basically wanted him out. Just knowing that he had multiple liver spots and that much back up in his stomach he should never have been released what so ever.” Francine Thibodeau, mother.

Kyle was allowed to stay for one more night, he was then sent home on April 7 with instructions on how to hook up his own iv bag from home, which contained his medicine. Two weeks later Kyle was feeling worse so they went to the Juravinski hospital in Hamilton. He died the next day.

With the right care, Fran believes Kyle could have lived until he was at least 45. She is seeking legal action and is questioning the care her son received at both hospitals. The Ontario Health Coalition who represent unions, nurses and health professionals says cutbacks have left hospitals in this province struggling.

“We have less care per patient. Patients are moved out quicker and sicker and they end up back in emergency departments in medical emergencies because they were too frail to be sent home.” Natalie Mehra, executive director Ontario Health Coalition.

An autopsy is being conducted to determine the exact cause of Kyle’s death. A communications representative at St. Joseph’s Healthcare emailed us today and said the hospital cannot speak directly to the specifics of this case due to privacy issues.

The family has planned a visitation for Kyle this Sunday. His funeral will be on Monday. They have set up a GoFundMe page to help cover burial costs.

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