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Readers react to Sault Star stories

Posted: February 18, 2021

(February 12, 2021)

By: Brian Kelly, The Sault Star

Ontario Education Minister Stephen Lecce POSTMEDIA FILE PHOTO

The provincial government is pushing back the March break to April. Ontario Education Minister Stephen Lecce said the move will prevent people from gathering and avoid a repeat of the Christmas holidays when COVID-19 numbers spiked, including in Algoma District. The Sault Star ran a front-page story on the announcement, with comments from Algoma District School Board and Huron-Superior Catholic District School Board, in Friday’s edition.

So Easter then March break one week apart? Where is the common sense? If they are going to gather they will do it anyway. Now, we will probably be locked down again before Mother’s Day. This back and forth needs to stop. Obviously the government has no clue what they are doing.

Tracy Lyn Autio-Lariviere

Maybe they should just let the kids out of school a week earlier.

Stephie Lynn

Northern Ontario Health Coalition called on the province’s residents to stay in their own regions during the March break, which was since been moved to April, and Ontario starts to reopen after a COVID-19-prompted lockdown. Sault Star reporter Elaine Della-Mattia had the story in Thursday’s newspaper.

Couldn’t agree more. Stay in your district.

Barb Travis

Stay in your immediate area and we will get through this sooner.

Sandra Frechette

District correspondent Patricia Baker’s column, Something sick about snowbirds flocking to Florida for COVID-19 vaccinations, ran in last Wednesday’s paper. Baker argued it’s morally wrong for Canadians to get vaccinated ahead of Sunshine State residents. Some readers agreed with Baker. Others didn’t.

The jealousy here is amazing. Mind your own business. Kudos to any Canadian that gets it wherever. Might be two years before you get it here.

Martin Verdecchia

I think this is just unfair for the Canadians here and the Americans that also need the vaccine in their own country. Canadians in the United States vacationing should not be allowed to get the vaccine. Come home and wait like the rest of us.

Ruth Romanchuk

Take advantage of every opportunity presented.

Tom Patrick

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