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Report Calls For LTC Staffing Reform

Posted: December 18, 2020

(December 17, 2020)

By: Vic Krasowski, Country 105

Report Calls For LTC Staffing Reform

The National Guard / CC

A scathing report from the Ontario Health Coalition on the state of long-term care homes and the pandemic.

It examined the situation at the homes since the second wave of COVID-19 began.

Coalition Executive Director Natalie Mehra says the report shows over 700 people in facilities across the province have died since September first and close to 4,600 have been infected, something she calls a crisis.

“When we say…the measures that have been taken to date are not working and they are not effective in stopping the spread of COVID-19 or saving people’s lives in long-term care homes we’re not exaggerating,” says Mehra.

The health care watchdog calls on the Ford government to increase staffing levels at long-term care homes.

Coalition member Amit Arya says “They need to act on this today and use all their resources and all their power to get enough trained staff on-site and that starts with legislating a minimum staffing standard…with a funding and timeline.”

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