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The Oxford Health Coalition is hosting a launch party for a referendum which will speak out against recent hospital budget cuts.

Posted: April 24, 2016

(April 24, 2016)

By: 104.6 Heart FM

The Ontario Health Coalition is launching a referendum, in order to speak out against recent cuts to rural hospital budgets. Connie Durling-Searles, the referendum coordinator for the Oxford Coalition gives us the details.

“We’re seeing more community beds closing and more hospital services leaving. It’s not just affecting rural communities; it’s also affecting London, St Mary’s, and Stratford, where our people are regularly sent to.”

The Oxford Coalition will be launching their campaign for the referendum in Ingersoll. It will take place at Gazebo Square on Monday April 25th at 12pm. Durling-Searles tells us about the launch.

“We’re going to offer people the opportunity to cast the first votes in this referendum and we’re going to let folks know what they can do to help.”

They will also be announcing the official date of the referendum vote at the launch. On voting day people can attend voting stations and fill out a ballot in support or against the referendum. Once the polls close in Oxford the results will be tallied and added to the other results from across the province.

Durling-Searles believes a referendum is a great way to represent the public’s opinion.

“This might not have any legal standing with the provincial government, but it’s our voice. It’s letting them know that it’s something we don’t want.”

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