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Town hall to put spotlight on hospital cuts in Sudbury: coalition, The Sudbury Star, November 7, 2018

Posted: November 7, 2018

Town hall to put spotlight on hospital cuts in Sudbury: coalition

Health-care workers rally outside Health Sciences North on Tuesday demanding the hospital rescind recent cuts to staffing. JIM MOODIE/SUDBURY STAR

The Ontario Health Coalition says it plans to release more information Friday about a town hall it has organized “to save services” at Health Sciences North.

“Health care in Sudbury has already suffered drastic cuts to the hospital services people need,” the coalition said in a release. “Three hospitals are now closed and have been replaced by only one (Health Sciences North).

“Now, the one remaining hospital is facing massive cuts to services. More than (100) health care professionals, nurses, and vital patient support staff are being cut across dozens of hospital departments. This will have a devastating effect on access to health care services for the whole region if we do not stop it.”

Health Sciences North has been looking at ways to balance its budget, given its deficit of about $11 million. It is looking at program and job cuts.

The Ontario Health Coalition, the Sudbury Health Coalition, patients, health care unions, health professionals and nurses, and concerned citizens say they have joined together to advocate to save the services and stop the cuts.

“Working with local communities, the Ontario Health Coalition has successfully saved dozens of hospitals, emergency departments, nursing units and other vital services that have come under threat of cuts in recent years.”

Part of those efforts include a protest rally held earlier this week and a press conference planned for Friday, at which time coalition members will talk about a town hall organized for Nov. 12, starting 7 p.m. at the Steelworkers Union Hall and Conference Centre, Small Hall, 66 Brady St.

“The public is being urged to attend this information session and launch of a major campaign to stop the cuts to Health Sciences North,” the coalition said.