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Waterfront developer to bring privatized healthcare to Sault and elsewhere

Posted: September 15, 2022

(September 14, 2022)

By: Christopher Shoust, Sault Online

Old hospital these days at 941 Queen Street East. Provided to SaultOnline from Pabtimbo.

The waterfront development company Leisure Meadows Community Living Inc., who control the dilapidated, old hospital (941 Queen St. East), the Doctor’s Building (955 Queen St. East), 10 Lucy Terrace, and 309 East Balfour have got the attention of the watch-dog group the Ontario Health Coalition in their document called Public Money, Private Profit.

Leisure Meadows was recently given funding by the Ontario government for a 96-bed long term care home in Trout Creek (Powassan).

The coalition has this, yet-to-be-built facility listed as a full-privatized facility.

Leisure Meadows has its intent for the old hospital site as converting it to a 200-long- term-care facility and will also be fully privatized as this is not a public company.

The Coalition is a non-profit, non-partisan group that seeks to protect and improve our public health care system.


Privatization of healthcare facilities started under Ontario Premier Mike Harris with 20,000 long-term-care beds between 1998 and 2001. The liberal government that defeated the Harris government had to rewrite long-term care legislation.

The Coalition is looking into the activities of the current provincial government under Premier Doug Ford and the privatized healthcare facilities that are currently receiving public funding.

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