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What We Are Calling For

Posted: May 27, 2024

(May 27, 2024)

At the giant protests on May 30 and throughout our spring-summer 2024 outreach campaign, we are calling for the Ford government to:

  • Expand and fund community health centres to meet their populations’ needs
  • Stop private nurse practitioner-, surgical- and diagnostic- clinics from unlawfully and illegally charging patients for primary care, surgeries and diagnostics
  • Restore public hospital funding and bed capacity to match the average of the other provinces
  • Stop the closures of small and rural hospitals
  • Build the new long-term care beds as public and not-for-profit, instate mandatory minimum care standards and reinstate inspections and enforcement
  • Create supportive housing options
  • Build a public, non-profit home care system
  • Increase staff supply to meet the population’s needs, attract back the staff who have left and increase enrolment in public colleges and universities
  • Create national public Pharmacare (coverage for medications)
  • Improve equity and provide OHIP for all

Links to other resources with our recommendations for safeguarding and improving public health care for all: