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Posted: April 30, 2019

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A large contingent from Windsor-Essex heads to Toronto Tuesday morning for a massive healthcare rally in Queen’s Park.

Organized by the Ontario Health Coalition, delegates from across the province will protest funding cuts by the Ontario government.

Windsor and District Labour Council President Brian Hogan says it’s important to send a message to the Doug Ford government about how people value health care.

He says this area will be well represented at the event.

“Over 300 people on buses and I do know some people are driving up and some people are already in Toronto,” says Hogan. “Yeah, a good contingent from this region and of course tens of thousands, all adding up so it’s going to be a good message.”

He says the people heading to the rally cover various sectors.

“We’ve got people that are involved in understanding social issues like legal aid or opiate crisis, mental health crisis,” says Hogan. “That’s obviously health and then we have healthcare workers, we have elderly, we have ordinary citizens, we’ve got unionized workers that are in that sector.”

He says the current government seems to be on what he calls a “corporate agenda.”

“It’s a good, it’s a very good system.  But when it’s not funded properly there’s some challenges, so people like Mr. Ford and his government want to starve it so that they can say hey, we should probably privatize it,” he says.

The rally will start at 12pm Tuesday outside the Ontario Legislature.

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