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URGENT ACTION ALERT: New Bill Allows Private For-Profit Hospitals & More Private For-Profit Clinics

Posted: November 24, 2017

(November 23, 2017)

The Ontario government is moving forward with legislation that lifts the ban on private hospitals, rolls private hospitals in with private clinics and renames them, offensively, Community Health Facilities, and makes it easier for private hospitals and clinics to expand and more difficult for the Minister to stop them.

This legislation was brought in with no prior public consultation. It is a massive omnibus bill that repeals or enacts 7 entire Acts, and amends more than 30 Acts. We were given 5 minutes to present to the Standing Committee on this massive piece of legislation. Now we have only four days to try to get the worst part of it withdrawn. Without due consideration of the consequences, the government is making a grave mistake that could easily usher in very significant new privatization and threats to our local public hospitals.
Please email or call your MPP and ask them to help withdraw Schedule 9 of Bill 160. They need to act by early next week.
The Open Letter that we just issued to all Members of Provincial Parliament is in the link below. It provides a succinct briefing. I have also attached a more extensive brief on Bill 160 for your information.
Thank you for your urgent help in this important matter for all Ontarians. The principles that public health care be provided safely, in the public domain, for people not for profit are shared by millions of Ontarians. Please help us make sure that our MPPs understand that this issue cannot be ignored.
Natalie Mehra
Executive Director
Click here for a list of MPPs and their contact information
Click here for our open letter to all Ontario MPPs
Click here for our full submission on Bill 160