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UPDATE: 13++ Reasons to Come to the Giant Health Care Rally!

Posted: April 29, 2019

  1. Doug Ford made cuts to OHIP+ and families with sick children now need to seek private insurance and pay deductibles and co-payments on medications for their sick children.
  2. Doug Ford cut planned mental health funding by more than $330 million!
  3. Doug Ford canceled ALL new planned overdose prevention sites.
  4. Doug Ford cut over $700,000 in funding to the College of Midwives of Ontario. That’s money taken away from pregnant women and newborn babies.
  5. Doug Ford cut funding for the dementia strategy.
  6. Doug Ford let surge funding run out for hospital overcrowding. Surge beds are added to existing hospital beds to increase hospital beds during times when hospitals are overflowing, often during flu season, so that people don’t end up receiving medical care in hallways and washrooms. So much for ending hallway medicine!
  7. Doug Ford Cut and restructured autism funding allowing children > 6 only $5,000 a year in autism services. Intensive therapy can cost up to $80,000 a year.
  8. Doug Ford set overall health funding at less than the rate of inflation and population growth, let alone aging. This means service levels cannot keep up with population need. As inflation continues, the population grows and people get older that equals less health funding available per person. It’s a sneaky health care cut.
  9. Doug Ford set public hospital funding at less than the rate of inflation. This means real dollar (inflation adjusted dollar) funding cuts and serious service cuts. Another case of hiding serious health cuts. That’s less money for our overcrowded hospitals.
  10. Doug Ford cut provincial funding for public health by almost 1/3 (27%) and cut public health units from 35 to 10.
  11. Doug Ford introduced Bill 74 which gives sweeping new powers to the minster and Super Agency to force restructuring of virtually the entire health system.
  12. The municipalities revealed Doug Ford’s plan to cut and restructure ambulance services, down from 59 to 10.
  13. Doug Ford leaked document reveals plans to cut half a billion dollars in OHIP services. On the chopping block are sedation for colonoscopies, chronic pain management services and others. Plans are still secret but half a billion in cuts is going to seriously hurt!

Because NONE of this was ever mentioned in the provincial election.

Because our politicians cannot be allowed to pretend they are going to expand our hospitals, restore services and improve health care and then cut & privatize!

Because these health services are ours and we won’t let them be taken away.

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