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ANALYSIS: Analysis of the North Bay Mayor’s Roundtable Report

Posted: February 10, 2020

(February 10, 2020)

North Bay — This is a very quick initial review and analysis of the Mayor’s Roundtable Report. This is the report that ostensibly led to the decision to cut 31 crisis and residential treatment beds from the North Bay Regional Health Centre (NBRHC). It is still not clear who made this “decision”, whether there are conflicts of interest that involve leaders of community agencies participating in the discussion and vote on cutting funding from the hospital and shifting it to their own agencies, and how this group has the authority to make any decisions of this sort. In fact, the Minister and the government’s appointees in the NE LHIN are the decision-makers regarding cuts to and funding of health care services and regardless of what has transpired here, the Minister of Health and the provincial government bear the ultimate responsibility for the final decision. The process is unacceptable and we are calling on MPP Vic Fedeli and the Minister of Health to intervene and stop these cuts before more than half of the existing residential addictions treatment beds in North Bay and the NE region are closed down along with the hospital crisis beds despite clear evidence that there are people already on wait lists for the residential programs and the crisis beds are running at more than 100 per cent occupancy.

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