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ANALYSIS & SUMMARY: Bill 140 – Ontario’s New Long Term Care Act Preliminary Summary & Comments

Posted: November 25, 2006

(November 25, 2006)

Currently there are 49,700 nursing home beds of which about 10,200 are non profit. Currently there are 24,700 homes for the aged and rest homes beds of which 16,700 are public (municipal) and the rest are non profit (8,000). (Total figures: 39,500 for profit, 18,200 non-profit, 16,700 public.)

These beds are governed by three Acts: The Nursing Homes Act, The Charitable Institutions Act, and The Homes for the Aged and Rest Homes Act. Under the Harris government, the Red Tape Commission recommended that the three existing Acts be rolled into one. Since then, there have been reports that the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care has been drafting a new Act.

Bill 140 – An Act Respecting Long Term Care Homes is the new Long Term Care Act which repeals the three existing acts and replaces them.

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