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Public-Private Partnership Reports & Analysis


ANALYSIS/SUBMISSION: Brampton P3 Audit: Hundreds of Millions of Dollars in ‘Mistakes’ in Brampton P3 Finances

(December 8-9, 2008) The Auditor-General has revealed cost overruns at Brampton’s privatized P3 hospital. The Ontario Health Coalition is providing an analysis of the AG’s findings, our submission to the Auditor-General made in March and a link to the AG’s report itself.

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REPORT: When Public Relations Trumps Public Accountability

(January 7, 2008) The Evolution of Cost Overruns, Service Cuts and Cover-Up in the Brampton Hospital P3.

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REPORT: Flawed, Failed, Abandoned, 100 P3s Canadian and International Evidence

(April 7, 2005) Report finds many troubling aspects to P3s, including: Cost overruns & delays, secrecy, design and construction flaws, quality problems & service cuts, legal disputes, failed contracts & bankruptcies. Author: Ontario Health Coalition Click here for Full Report

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RELEASE/ANALYSIS: Newly Released Documents Confirm Massive Hospital Privatization

(March, 2004) In a Queen’s Park press conference, the Ontario Health Coalition and the Ontario Council of Hospital Unions revealed that newly released documents show that Brampton’s planned hospital is definitely a privatized P3 hospital and that all financial records involving over $1 billion in public money are being withheld by the hospital and the […]

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REPORT: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Studies Comparing Mortality Rates of Private For-Profit and Private Not-For-Profit Hospitals

(May 18, 2002) Published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, McMaster study shows mortality rates higher in for-profit hospitals. Authors: P.J. Devereaux, Peter T.L. Choi, Gordon H. Guyatt et. al. Click here for Full Report

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REPORT: How Private Finance is Moving Primary Care into Corporate Ownership

(April 21, 2001) British Medical Journal article on the privatization of primary care in Britain. Authors: A. Pollock, S. Player and S. Godden. Click here for Full Report

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