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EVENT: Emergency Summit on Health Care Privatization

Posted: November 11, 2021

(November 11, 2021)

To view the recorded livestream of the health care privatization summit, click here.


Urgent Call for Ontarians who want to safeguard & improve our public health care for people not for profit.

When: Wednesday November 17 at 7 p.m

How to Join: Virtual Emergency Summit – Join by Zoom to register, pls click: & you will receive the link.

The Ford government is planning:
– To give tens of thousands of long-term care beds to for-profit corp’s for the next 30-yrs
– For-profit privatization of public hospital services including surgeries & diagnostics
– To privatize the last remaining public parts of home care….
& more, unless we stop them
The Summit will be led by Dr. Nancy Olivieri.
Haematologist & researcher, whistleblower, author & great Canadian, who courageously fought a 25-yr battle with pharmaceutical giant Apotex, was awarded the 2009 AAAS Award for Scientific Freedom & Responsibility for her “indefatigable determination that patient safety and research integrity come before institutional & commercial interests & for her courage in defending these principles in the face of severe consequences.”

Featuring experts & leaders, including those with decades of successful frontline experience safeguarding public health care and fighting privatization:

Dr. Melanie Bechard
Chair, Canadian Doctors for Medicare
An organization of physicians’ that has worked for 15 years to advocate to expand public health care in Canada and defend against privatization.
Michael Hurley
President, Ontario Council of Hospital Unions CUPE
Michael has, for more than 30 years, led tens of thousands of hospital & health care workers to fight cuts to public funding. He brought the struggle to stop P3 privatization of hospitals to Canada 20-years ago & was instrumental in rolling them back in Ontario. He has led countless legal initiatives, partnered with community groups to build people’s movements to safeguard public health services in the public interest, fearlessly fought offloading and privatization of hospital patients and their services.
Steven Shrybman, LL.B.
Steven was lead counsel in a challenge to the Supreme Court in a bid to get the federal government to uphold the Canada Health Act and in a 4-year court battle against the P3 privatization of the Brampton hospital. He travelled the country helping citizen’s movements to stop P3 privatization in other provinces & territories. Recently he was a lead author among eminent Canadians on a major report calling for an end to for-profit long-term care.
Natalie Mehra
Executive Director, Ontario Health Coalition
Natalie is respected for her policy expertise. She is the author of numerous reports, who has led the fight, often successfully, to stop privatization for 25-years. Known for speaking truth to power, she led the struggle to stop the privatization of hospital surgeries & diagnostics & wrote a seminal report on private clinics violating the Canada Health Act; organized referendums to roll back the P3 privatization of hospitals and the to end competitive bidding in home care, & has been a fearless champion of ending for-profit long-term care. Natalie has dedicated her life to building the citizens’ movement to protect public health care.
Dr. Vivian Stamatopoulos
Professor, researcher, advocate
Fierce & fearless, Dr. V as she is affectionately known has built a vast network of more than 10,000 Ontarians in her incisive advocacy for improved long-term care, caregiver & residents’ rights, and against for-profit privatization.
Zaid Noorsumar
Investigative Journalist
Zaid has researched the plethora of connections between the for-profit long-term care sector, political parties & government. His courageous, ground-breaking investigative reporting on the players and the web of connections in the sector has led the way for other media.