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LEAFLET: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Health Care and Taxes

Posted: June 15, 2011

(Summer 2011)

A newspaper leaflet by the Ontario Health Coalition is ready for distribution across Ontario. A link to a reduced-resolution version is here. Please note: if you are printing it out, it is 11″ x 13″ (large, not letter-sized paper).

If you would like multiple copies for distribution door-to-door, in seniors’ centres and other community agencies, doctor’s offices, clinics, libraries etc., please send in an order form below. There is no cost. We have the first 100,000 to distribute now and will order more as needed, so please order whatever you can get out. Please let us know where you are distributing them so we can coordinate distribution plans with our local health coalitions and member groups.

Click here for Leaflet (lo-resolution)