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REPORT: Health Coalition Issues Pre-Drummond Report Warning of Major Health Cuts: First Do No Harm

Posted: February 10, 2012

(February 10, 2012)

Though Ontario’s public has never been properly informed about the plans, the provincial government is planning severe curtailment of health care funding growth that will result in $3 billion or more to be carved out of hospitals and OHIP, warned the Ontario Health Coalition in a new report released today. If the provincial government adopts the recommendation of former TD banker Don Drummond, Chair of the government’s Commission on Public Service Reform, the cutbacks will increase to $4 billion. Don Drummond’s report, which will contain recommendations to restructure Ontario’s health care system, is expected to be released next Wednesday.

In its own report, the coalition recommends that the government close two loopholes in the Employer Health Tax to ensure that high income earners pay a fairer share. This measure would generate $2.4 billion to help relieve some pressure, according to an analysis by economist Hugh Mackenzie. The report lists a litany of urgent and unmet health care needs that are not being addressed.

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