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LETTER & EVENTS: Call for Human Rights Inquiry Into Systemic Discrimination Against the Elderly in Ontario Hospitals and Long-Term Care

Posted: March 16, 2021

(March 16, 2021)

Click here for a link to the letter to the Ontario Human Rights Commissioner.

The Ontario Health Coalition, the Advocacy Centre for the Elderly & CUPE/OCHU are calling on the Ontario Human Rights Commissioner to conduct a formal Inquiry into the human rights discrimination against the elderly in access to and levels of care in hospitals and long-term care.

Elderly people are bearing the brunt of Ontario’s cuts to beds, staff and resources in hospital and long-term care. As a result, elderly Ontarians are denied access to care and when it is provided, care is woefully inadequate. Covid-19 has highlighted the terrible and disproportionate impact that this rationing has on older members of our society. Government and institutional policy has resulted in discrimination in the availability of health care based on age. Everyone, regardless of age, has a fundamental right to access the health care system for the services that they require. We call upon the Ontario Human Rights Commissioner to conduct an inquiry into discrimination against the elderly in accessing these vital healthcare services and we call upon the Government of Ontario to take immediate action.

Take Action: Here is how you can be involved

Take action and call for an end to human rights violations against the elderly in Ontario long-term care homes and hospitals by sending an email to the Ontario Human Rights Commissioner, Premier Doug Ford & your local MPP here.

Press conferences will be held across the province to release this call for a Human Rights Inquiry. Everyone is invited to view the press conference in your area, which will all be live streamed to the Ontario Health Coalition Facebook page here. The schedule for the press conference can be found below.

Press Conference Schedule

Toronto March 16 at 11 am
Ottawa/Pembroke March 17 at 11 am
Hamilton/Niagara March 18 at 1 pm
Sudbury March 19 at 11 am
North Bay March 19 at 1 pm
Sault Ste. Marie March 22 at 11 am
Thunder Bay March 22 at 1 pm
Oshawa/Peterborough/Lindsay March 23 at 1 pm
London/Kitchener/Guelph/Stratford/Windsor/Sarnia/Chatham March 24 at 11 am
Brockville/Smith’s Falls/Perth March 24 at 1 pm
Kingston March 25 at 11 am
Cornwall March 25 at 1 pm
Kenora/Dryden/Fort Frances/Sioux Lookout March 26 at 2 pm

Click here for a link to the letter to the Ontario Human Rights Commissioner

Click here to take action and send an email

Click here to join the Facebook live stream press conference, at the times listed above