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RELEASE: Myth Buster: OHC Challenges Health Minister’s Claims – Hospital cuts and privatization are not offset by home care

Posted: March 5, 2013

(March 5, 2013)

The Ontario Health Coalition responded today to the Health Minister’s attempt to downplay and minimize the cuts to – and privatization of – hospital services that she and her government are making. The Minister was responding to the Coalition’s report “Austerity Index” listing hospital cuts and privatization across Ontario. The coalition also held a cross?province “S.O.S” Save Our Services Day of Action yesterday featuring huge crowds encircling local hospitals, holding candlelight vigils, rallies and other demonstrations from Windsor to Ottawa to Sudbury.

The coalition notes that not only is the Health Minister covering up the cuts and privatization, she has also fomented these cuts without any proper health planning process and without any democratic process. There has been no legislation introduced to empower the government to dismantle hospital clinical services, no public consultation, no electoral mandate, and no democratic process whatsoever.

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