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Posted: May 30, 2023

(May 29, 2023)

By: Christine Ross, Zoomer Radio

Premier Doug Ford is firing back after being asked by the opposition NDP about a referendum vote by the Ontario Health Coalition on the government’s hospital privatization plans.

” I don’t call it a referendum, it was  political poll, driven one side, but in saying that, we do our polling too and right now,  and I’m going to include the Liberals, through many years, we’ve compiled over 800 community surgical diagnostic centres that are operating right now in the province, what we’re doing, we’re expanding it,” said Premier Doug Ford during Question Period.

Polls that were set up at 1,000 voting stations are now closed and province wide results will be announced outside Queen’s Park on Wednesday morning at 10 a.m.

The referendum is aimed at stopping hospital privatization plans by the Ford government. The question on the ballot is: “Do you want our public hospital services to be privatized to for-profit hospitals and clinics?”

The coalition has been raising the alarm about Bill 60 since the province announced  in January it wants to fund privately operated clinics to perform more cataract surgeries, MRI and CT scans, colonoscopies, hip and knee replacements and other procedures.

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