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SUBMISSION: Submission to the Standing Committee on Social Policy Regarding Bill 140: An Act Respecting Long-Term Care Homes

Posted: January 16, 2007

(January 16, 2007)

There are 75,282 long term care beds in Ontario. In these homes tens of thousands of vulnerable and dependent adults live, thousands of volunteers help out, and additional tens of thousands of Ontarians work. The new act respecting conditions and standards for these homes will impact millions of Ontarians in intimate and life-altering ways: the amount of time a staff person has to bathe a resident, or feed her; the quality of food, whether a resident has activities, stimulation and supportive surroundings; safety of all involved the homes from violence, illness and injury; the ability to access timely medical help; the gentleness of care; and whether residents thrive or deteriorate. These issues are of critical importance for all residents, for their families, and for caregivers, paid and unpaid.

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