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UPDATE: Update on Ford government’s attempt to push through expansion and redevelopment of Orchard Villa

Posted: June 29, 2023

(June 29, 2023)

Under Bill 23 the Ford government gave itself extraordinary powers to override municipal governments and force through developments. This applies to housing developments and also long-term care homes.

On March 7, Southbridge, the for-profit company that owns Orchard Villa, applied for a Ministerial Zoning Order (MZO) to rush through the process of zoning approval for a new 15-storey building and significant expansion of its retirement home and long-term care home at Orchard Villa. The goal was to get approval in order to obtain a new 30-year long-term care license to operate an expanded facility.

The City of Pickering voted unanimously against the proposal brought by Southbridge on May 1.

The Ford government’s Minister of Long-Term Care issued the MZO against the unanimous vote of Pickering City Council to force through the redevelopment that is not only an anathema to the families of Orchard Villa who have suffered so grievously and the people of Ontario who oppose the expansion of for-profit long-term care, but also is in violation of the municipal plan and by laws regarding height and size restrictions for buildings in that area.

Cathy Parkes of the families of Orchard Villa has filed an appeal to have the MZO revoked.

We will post updates as they come in.