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Federal Election 2015 – Vote Health Care!

Posted: October 2, 2015

(October 2, 2015)

Canadians share a deeply held belief that access to health care should not be based on how rich we are, but on our medical need. Most of us believe that our government will not purposely destroy public health care. But privatization is a serious threat and it would dismantle health care for all if we don’t stop it. The 2015 Federal Election is fast approaching but the Ontario Health Coalition can help you vote for public health care!

Currently, there are 4 key issues with Canada’s health care system. When we vote this year, we must ask our candidates to make 4 commitments to improve health care. The federal government of Canada must:

1. Renew the Canada Health Accord
Commit to improving the federal governments share of health funding, and don’t download it onto the province.

2. Stop privatization and 2-tier charges for patients
Stop private clinics that undermine single-tier health care. Our money is better spent on care not profiteering.

3. Create a public drug program
A public drug program would better control too-high drug prices and put money towards safer, needed medications.

4. Improve seniors’ care
Build a plan to meet the chronic care and longer term care needs of seniors and other Canadians, don’t cut care for those most in need.
Each candidate has a platform with specific ideals regarding health care. Below, you will find related information, including a comparison chart of the platform parties, a federal election information leaflet, and a federal election postcard. All of these materials are available for your review and order.

If you are interested in spreading the word about voting for health care, all of these materials are available to order for your own circulation and distribution. The order form can be found at the bottom of this page.

Questions for Candidates

Here are some questions on the key issues that would improve public health care for all if addressed appropriately. They are to ask candidates when they come to your door or when you attend all-candidates’ meetings. This sheet of questions contains background information so you can assess the candidates’ answers. Click here for the PDF version.

*Updated on October 2: Party Platforms Comparison Chart

This chart breaks down the each political party’s platform and ideals on health care. Their future commitments regarding the 4 key issues are explored. Click here for the PDF version.

party platform comparison chart final updated version


Serious changes are underway that put health care at risk. This leaflet explores these changes and includes a briefing of the key issues. Click here for the PDF version

fed election leaflet front                     fed election leaflet inside



This postcard is a simple way of communicating the 4 commitments that our candidates must make to improve Canada’s public health care. It is encouraged to send this postcard back to the Ontario Health Coalition to show support and share your future plan of action regarding the election. Click here for the PDF version of the front of the postcard. And click here for the PDF version of the back of the postcard.

fed election postcard front              fed election postcard back


Distribution of Federal Election 2015 Materials

Canadians share a deeply held belief that access to health care should not be based on how rich we are, but on our medical need. In this fall’s federal election, please tell our politicians that public health care matters. Help spread the word, by distributing election materials in your area. Help protect & improve public health care for all! To hand out election materials in your neighbourhood, at local seniors’ centres, workplaces, and throughout your community please fill in the order form here, then cut and return by mail to the OHC. Due to new election rules, there are limits on advocacy organizations’ work. Materials must be distributed BEFORE the writ is dropped (that is when the election is formally called, likely in early September). Click here for the Microsoft Word version of the order form.


Postcard Voter Pledge                            Information Leaflet

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