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ROUNDUP: Ontario Health Coalition’s Work on the New Bill Overriding Patients’ Right to Consent

Posted: October 26, 2022

(October 26, 2022)

Please find below links to various materials the Ontario Health Coalition has produced when it comes to the new Bill 7, the legislation passed by the Ford’s government which gives new powers to force the elderly and persons with disabilities into unwanted long-term care homes without their consent.

Media Releases:

November 21, 2022: Ontario Health Coalition & Advocacy Centre for the Elderly will go to court to challenge Ford government’s new law forcing elderly into long-term care homes against their choice: “an egregious violation of their Charter rights”

September 15, 2022: Furious at the “grotesque” ageism and violation of human rights, advocates respond to Ford government’s planned regulations to push elderly patients out of hospital

August 31, 2022: “Rife with discrimination against the elderly,” Bill 7 prompts advocates to escalate call for Human Rights Commission investigation into systemic ageism in Ontario health policy

August 25, 2022: Ford Government’s Claims Re. Forcing Elderly Patients into Long-Term Care in Contravention of their Right to Consent

August 19, 2022: Doug Ford’s new legislation being pushed through the Legislature gives new powers to force the elderly & persons with disabilities into substandard long-term care homes: “morally repugnant”

Public Health Care Funding Data:

Public Health Care Funding as % of Provincial GDP 2019

Public Health Care Funding Per Capita 2019 

Hospital Bed Cuts Data:

Hospital Beds Per 1000 (population) by province in 2021

OECD Hospital Beds Per 1000 Population 2020 

Press Conference Videos:

September 15, 2022: Press Conference: Health Advocates Responds to New Bill 7 Regulations

August 19, 2022: Pushing Elderly Patients into Long-Term Care Homes Not of their Choice a Violation of Fundamental Rights