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URGENT SURVEY: Ontario Health Coalition Long-Term Care Staffing Survey

Posted: July 10, 2020

(July 10, 2020)

In order to complete the survey, please download the word document found at the bottom of the page, edit the document on your computer to fill in the survey, and email it to us at

You can also complete the survey by copying and pasting the survey found below into the body of an email, then fill in the survey and make sure the “To:”  or “Recipient” line has the email address and hit send.


Please help with this if you can by distributing to long-term care staff and asking them if they can fill it in to let us know what is happening in their LTC home. It is urgent and will help to create a picture of what is happening across the province.

This survey is for staff in long-term care homes. Any LTC staff person in Ontario can give us their input by filling in the survey. We are trying to get a snapshot of the current staffing levels in Ontario’s long-term care homes. Please share this with any LTC staff you know and ask them to send it in by next week: FRIDAY JULY 17. It is a quick survey and we will use it for a report to go out to the media letting Ontarians know what is happening with the staffing levels in LTC. Thank you very much!


The goal of this survey is to measure staffing shortages in long-term care currently. The results will be put into a report and released to the media as soon as possible. Thank you for helping with this.

Please note: Your participation is confidential. We will not save or release any identifying information about you. 

Please fill in the following short survey and email it back to with the subject line ATTN: SURVEY by FRIDAY JULY 17, 2020.


What region of Ontario is your long-term care home in? (please put an x beside the correct region)

  • Northwestern Ontario (White River west to the Manitoba border)
  • Northeastern Ontario (Wawa east to the Quebec border)
  • Central Ontario (South of Sudbury to Barrie and Orillia, including the Bruce Peninsula, Georgian Bay, Lake Huron shore)
  • Southwestern Ontario (Windsor and Sarnia to Kitchener-Waterloo)
  • Hamilton-Niagara
  • GTA
  • Peterborough, the Kawarthas and Northumberland
  • Southeastern and Eastern Ontario (from Bellevelle east)
  • Other? (please name):

Is your long-term care home (put and x beside the correct answer):

  • For-profit
  • Municipal/Regional (public)
  • Non-profit


Question 1. Are staffing levels in your long-term care home better, the same or worse than prior to COVID-19? (Please put an x beside the correct answer.)

  • Better
  • The Same
  • Worse

Question 2. Are you working short-staffed? (put an x beside the correct answer)

  • Yes
  • No
  • If yes you are working short-staffed, how often?

If no, please skip to the end and send in your survey.

Question 3. If you are working short-staffed, can you describe for us how short-staffed you are? (Eg. how many shift lines are left unfilled? how many staff are you short? any other way of measuring the shortage?)

Question 4. If staffing levels are worse than prior to COVID-19 how much worse is it? (If staffing levels are the same or better, please skip this question.)

Question 5. What care cannot be done as a result of staffing shortages? (eg. bathing, repositioning, time to feed, emotional support, cleaning)

Question 6.  Which staff classifications are you short? (Eg. No RN, short PSWs, housekeeping, rehab, RPNs)

Question 7. How many beds are in your long-term care home?


Click here for printable version (PDF)

Click here for word document version