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Private clinic reality check: No more excuses …its time to rebuild capacity in our public hospitals

posted June 12, 2017

By Natalie Mehra, Executive Director (June 12, 2017) In the Globe and Mail this weekend, physicians who are extra-billing patients for services at private clinics justified themselves by complaining that they cannot get operating room time and waits are too long in the public system. Let’s be honest, these problems do exist. But these problems […]

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Will Patients Be Forced to Pay For Needed Health Care?

posted September 6, 2016

(September 6, 2016) Private Clinic Supreme Court Challenge in B.C. Starting Today Could Threaten Public Health Care Across Canada By Natalie Mehra, Executive Director, Ontario Health Coalition Mariel Schoof was referred to a private clinic in B.C. for sinus surgery. She was appalled when she was charged more than $6,000. So she wrote to her […]

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A serious note on saving our hospitals

posted May 27, 2016

(May 27, 2016) By: Natalie Mehra, Executive Director, OHC Ontario’s hospital cuts are the deepest in the country, and despite claims by government, the services that are being dismantled in local public hospitals are not replaced in community care. In fact, many communities are losing vital services and across the province whole categories of services […]

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Ontario government announces parking fee cut: Here’s the low-down on high-cost hospital parking & hospital funding in Ontario

posted January 20, 2016

(January 20, 2016) By: Natalie Mehra, executive director, OHC We have raised it repeatedly for the last half-decade or more in legislative hearings on the Ontario Budget and the Local Health Integration Networks. Now, finally, the Ontario government is taking some modest action to roll back the worst of hospital parking fees. In advance of the […]

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Making a Killing: the Drug Industry & the Cost of the Newest Trade Deal

posted October 29, 2015

(October 29, 2015) By: Natalie Mehra, executive director, OHC One in twelve Ontarians aged 55 and up skipped filling a prescription for medicine because of cost last year, reported Ontario’s Health Quality Council earlier this month. This shocking figure reflects the high cost of drugs; highest here in Canada of any developed nation except the […]

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Taking Stock: With a New Health Minister it is Timely to Assess Where Ontario’s Health System is at and Where We are Going

posted July 18, 2014

With the appointment of a new Health Minister, it is timely to take stock of where Ontario’s health system has come from and where we are going. There have been significant improvements in Ontario’s health care system. The number of MRIs has vastly increased. Wait time management has improved and there has been an upsurge […]

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